One Lovely Blog Award

Hello ladies. I've been receiving this tag/award quite a lot lately, so I figured it's time I make a post about it. But first, I'd like to thank the lovely ladies who tagged me for it. So basically, all I have to do is tell you 7 random things about me. So here it goes: I'm wearing a Santa hat right now. I bought it today, together with some small presents I chose for some friends, and I plan to wear it when I will give them the gifts; Talking about Christmas, probably half of the money I will get will go on presents. This year, I wanna be Santa and make everybody happy. And this Santa right here has a looong list; All I want for Christmas this year is a lovely evening with my friends. Really, I've been thinking about what gifts could I be dreaming of, and I couldn't think of anything. Well a hair straightener, but that doesn't count 'cause somebody promised to get it for me; I'm way too obsessed with perfection. If I create something and it is not perfect, it will stay hidden till the ends of time... This might be a problem considering that I believe that perfection does not exist; Each and every time I start the music player on my phone I chose the exact same song to play first and then I just select the shuffle option; I had a... test-like interview. Yesterday. For my dream job. So fingers crossed maybe? Please, pretty please! So, that's about all for today. Any randomness you'd like to share?

Face Make-up Routine

Hello ladies, missed me? I hope yes, 'cause I sure missed you. For today, I thought I'd tell you a bit about my face make-up routine, foundation, powder, brushes, you know, the basics. At the moment, I absolutely love the new Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay foundation as it offers very good coverage, it keeps my face matte for a long time and it is the most transfer proof foundation I have ever tried. For less than 9$ (which is the approximate price I payed for it) I find it perfect, especially since it gets along perfectly with my very sensitive and picky skin. For my foundation, I use the Sigma Miss Taylor Flat Top Kabuki brush, which is amazing. It's very thick, it works perfectly with any type of foundation (including mineral ones) and after one year and a half since I've been using it, nothing's changed. Plus, it's a retractable brush with a cute cap so it's also perfect for travel. After the first step, I apply a thin layer of Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. 

I've been loving it for years because of the fact that is keeps my face completely shine free for ages. Plus, I love the fact that, among plenty of other shades, it's also available in Translucent, which is the one I chose so I could use it all throughout the year. For the fantastic powder, I use a small EcoTools kabuki brush from a set (the one with this kabuki, a powder brush, a blending brush and a concealer one). I prefer kabuki brushes instead of the ones with long handles, I just find them more comfortable. I do however want to find a kabuki brush that's a bit thicker but for now this one's quite ok, especially since it's very soft. Depending on the time, sometimes I just use a thicker layer of powder, and other times I go all the way with highlighter, blush and all that, but this whole story you just read is what I normally wear. Have you used any of this products? Do you like them or have you found better alternatives? I'd like to know about them!


Literally as soon as I dumped my suitcase in the apartment I trundled down to to Boots to pick up some skincare items that were very much inspired by Lisa Eldridge. I deliberately left my cleanser at home so I could try these Dermalogica's skin resurfacing cleanser (a rich creamy cleanser that gently exfoliates) and Bioderma's sensibio (previously called Crealine). The latter stuff is like water, ideal for sensitive skins and yet removes hardy a natural makeup. Foundation. The next items deserves a sob story. A tragedy occurred in that I forgot my foundation. It was one of those moments when I could have hit myself. Okay yes it gives me an excuse to try something new but I have been really enjoying the face atelier so was peeved at myself. I plumped for YSL's teint radiance. I have tried a sample of Teint resist and wasn't keen, it reminded me of Guerlain parure extreme, which I really hated as it settles into fine lines and looks dry. The Teint radiance though is lovely. I got it in shade number 5 and it looks fresh on, but with medium coverage, a pleasant scent, easy to blend and lasts a decent amount of time. It feels like a slightly better smelling and longer lasting version of face atelier so this was a useful bit of research in the long run. Sort of. 
Bath and Body works. I am going back to America next month so I didn't really have to rush and buy these two perfumes but the first Bath and Body works in Dubai and maybe outside of North America opened last month in Mirdif city centre so it had to be visited. I have said it before and will say it again, Mirdif is probably the best mall to go to. Soon they will also have Victoria's secret alongside a massive Forever 21, American eagle, Sephora and some nice high-end stores like Chloe. Plus they have a lovely cupcake shop and a Pinkberry. Anyway, I got two scents. I would say this B&BW doesn't have all the stock that I have seen in the US but they had Twilight woods and Sensual amber and that is all I was after. These are both woody, warm and sexy fragrances that fade fast but still keep me coming back for more. I think the packaging is surprisingly nice for the price too. No clothes, no way! I didn't buy any clothes in Dubai at all. Forever 21 was disappointing and the only nice things I saw were in Topshop or Bloomingdales significantly marked up in price. One thing future Dubai visitors should know is that it is not cheap. I think there is a perception that no tax equal cheaper price tags but when everything is imported, prices inflate and you end up paying up to 15% more. So that's my little round up. I shall not be so crap in updating going forward, at least on my blog. I have lots of reviews to do including the Rodial serum and Shu uemura haircare. More info on, hope you are all very very well!

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolor Glitter and Shimmer Lacquers

Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but work has been overworking me. I've been working overtime for the past two months and I'm exhausted physically and mentally. I did have some time to do some swatches, but didn't have much time to write reviews. But I did promise to have one up and hopefully I'll have a few more posts up with the last few days of last month. Anyways, today I have six new Kardashian Kolor. This release came with six gorgeous colors and glitters! Let's have a look. Here We Kome A-Karoling is a shimmery dark purple. 2 coats. Very dark and vampy, loving it. Keeping Up With Santa is a shimmery red. 2 coats. This is a classic holiday red color! Deck the Dolls is a shimmery teal. 2 coats. This one literally glows, it's such a gorgeous teal color. Kardashing is a multicolored glitter with clear base. 3 coats. This is definitely used as a top coat as 3 coats is still too sheer for full coverage.

Kardashian kolor

All Is Glam, All Is Bright is a mix of fine red and silver glitter. 2 coats. Oh my, I am so in love with this one. It's full coverage after two coats. This one is so festive. A Gold Winter's Night is a mix of gold, pink, and teal glitters. Some glitters are small round glitters, and some are bar glitters. 3 coats. This is really interesting! Love the mixture of bar glitters and round glitters on this one. The formula for these were great. I did not have trouble with a single one of them. They all applied smoothly (including the glitters). I know we've seen many of the shimmer colors, but the glitters of this collection is simply gorgeous. My favorite definitely was All is Glam, All is Bright; the mixture of fine red and silver glitters is simply beautiful and perfect for the holidays. Overall, I am satisfied with the collection. I am happy to see that companies are coming out with more and more glitter polishes, as I am a glitter fanatic!

Impulse Body Spray Temptation

It smells so fresh and summery that I couldn't put it back on the shelf. I have sprayed it constantly and I feel I may need to pick up another one very soon! I am thinking of picking up the vanilla one as it's quite a sexy kinda smell so it would be good for a date night with the sailor when he's back. You can buy a variety of natural collection products from Boots from shower gel to body spray. This body spray cost me 2.29$. At the moment Boots have a 3 for the price of 2 offer. You can buy the spray online from Boots.
Impulse Body Spray Temptation

Peggy Sage - Splendid Grey

Today I am showing you a polish I have worn a little while ago but never posted about. This polish was kindly gifted to me (among so many others!) by the sweet and generous Lily. I can find Peggy Sage in my area easily but they never have the late and ephemeral collections, just a (yet relatively wide) selection of the core line. I found a place where they carry the whole line but they only sell to professional of nail, beauty and hair industry. Bummer! Lily surprised me by sending me the polishes of the last winter collection that were on my wishlist! Thank you again! From all my new Peggy Sage, "Splendid Grey" was the one appealing me the most and the first I decided to wear. I was really attracted by how it looked like in the bottle: a middle toned grey with pink undertones and small silver glitters. I found this shade quite unseen. Unfortunately, the diamond glitters were not as obvious on the nails are they are in the bottle. 
Still visible for sure but in most of the morose lights of my area, Splendid Grey looks like a plain grey creme. I really have to inspect my nails closely to see the glitter but who ever stick their nose on their nails to admire them on a daily basis? I am fine with its looking like a creme because I don't own much grey polishes (not even China Glaze Recycle plain grey doesn't truly attract me) but I wished the glitters were less elusive. Because of its pink undertones, I think this might look better on cool skin tones than warm ones. The consistency was slightly on the thick side, pretty pigmented but it didn't cause me trouble to apply it. I did 2 coats, no top coat and the polish lasted me 3/4 days before chipping. In all, it's a good polish. Peggy Sage makes real quality stuff and I sincerely do recommend the brand if you feel like trying it. None of the ones I have tried have a bad formula and even if they keep it relatively safe, I love their colors.