Peggy Sage - Splendid Grey

Today I am showing you a polish I have worn a little while ago but never posted about. This polish was kindly gifted to me (among so many others!) by the sweet and generous Lily. I can find Peggy Sage in my area easily but they never have the late and ephemeral collections, just a (yet relatively wide) selection of the core line. I found a place where they carry the whole line but they only sell to professional of nail, beauty and hair industry. Bummer! Lily surprised me by sending me the polishes of the last winter collection that were on my wishlist! Thank you again! From all my new Peggy Sage, "Splendid Grey" was the one appealing me the most and the first I decided to wear. I was really attracted by how it looked like in the bottle: a middle toned grey with pink undertones and small silver glitters. I found this shade quite unseen. Unfortunately, the diamond glitters were not as obvious on the nails are they are in the bottle. 
Still visible for sure but in most of the morose lights of my area, Splendid Grey looks like a plain grey creme. I really have to inspect my nails closely to see the glitter but who ever stick their nose on their nails to admire them on a daily basis? I am fine with its looking like a creme because I don't own much grey polishes (not even China Glaze Recycle plain grey doesn't truly attract me) but I wished the glitters were less elusive. Because of its pink undertones, I think this might look better on cool skin tones than warm ones. The consistency was slightly on the thick side, pretty pigmented but it didn't cause me trouble to apply it. I did 2 coats, no top coat and the polish lasted me 3/4 days before chipping. In all, it's a good polish. Peggy Sage makes real quality stuff and I sincerely do recommend the brand if you feel like trying it. None of the ones I have tried have a bad formula and even if they keep it relatively safe, I love their colors.

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