One Lovely Blog Award

Hello ladies. I've been receiving this tag/award quite a lot lately, so I figured it's time I make a post about it. But first, I'd like to thank the lovely ladies who tagged me for it. So basically, all I have to do is tell you 7 random things about me. So here it goes: I'm wearing a Santa hat right now. I bought it today, together with some small presents I chose for some friends, and I plan to wear it when I will give them the gifts; Talking about Christmas, probably half of the money I will get will go on presents. This year, I wanna be Santa and make everybody happy. And this Santa right here has a looong list; All I want for Christmas this year is a lovely evening with my friends. Really, I've been thinking about what gifts could I be dreaming of, and I couldn't think of anything. Well a hair straightener, but that doesn't count 'cause somebody promised to get it for me; I'm way too obsessed with perfection. If I create something and it is not perfect, it will stay hidden till the ends of time... This might be a problem considering that I believe that perfection does not exist; Each and every time I start the music player on my phone I chose the exact same song to play first and then I just select the shuffle option; I had a... test-like interview. Yesterday. For my dream job. So fingers crossed maybe? Please, pretty please! So, that's about all for today. Any randomness you'd like to share?

Face Make-up Routine

Hello ladies, missed me? I hope yes, 'cause I sure missed you. For today, I thought I'd tell you a bit about my face make-up routine, foundation, powder, brushes, you know, the basics. At the moment, I absolutely love the new Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay foundation as it offers very good coverage, it keeps my face matte for a long time and it is the most transfer proof foundation I have ever tried. For less than 9$ (which is the approximate price I payed for it) I find it perfect, especially since it gets along perfectly with my very sensitive and picky skin. For my foundation, I use the Sigma Miss Taylor Flat Top Kabuki brush, which is amazing. It's very thick, it works perfectly with any type of foundation (including mineral ones) and after one year and a half since I've been using it, nothing's changed. Plus, it's a retractable brush with a cute cap so it's also perfect for travel. After the first step, I apply a thin layer of Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. 

I've been loving it for years because of the fact that is keeps my face completely shine free for ages. Plus, I love the fact that, among plenty of other shades, it's also available in Translucent, which is the one I chose so I could use it all throughout the year. For the fantastic powder, I use a small EcoTools kabuki brush from a set (the one with this kabuki, a powder brush, a blending brush and a concealer one). I prefer kabuki brushes instead of the ones with long handles, I just find them more comfortable. I do however want to find a kabuki brush that's a bit thicker but for now this one's quite ok, especially since it's very soft. Depending on the time, sometimes I just use a thicker layer of powder, and other times I go all the way with highlighter, blush and all that, but this whole story you just read is what I normally wear. Have you used any of this products? Do you like them or have you found better alternatives? I'd like to know about them!