Milani - Sweetheart

There might be as many atoms in the universe as available shades of pink polish, I never quite seem to find "the ones". But it is all my fault, you know. I have high ideals concerning some colors (there are this way in my head and must not be otherwise on my nails) and fuchsia (or 'fuschia' whatever you spell it!) is one of them. I don't like my fuchsia to be too orange, too red, too purple, too light, too tamed, etc. I just want a maximum and furious pink. Something that slam everyone's face without I ever have to reach an hand and touch anyone. Violent and pure. Is it too much asking? I bought Milani "Sweetheart" completely by chance (and curiousity), not even hoping it'd fit what I'm generally looking for and it is curiously very close to my ideal hot pink. It's a bright rapsberry creme, it's hot, it's feminine.

It's fierce and it's girly. It's Love. Unfortunately, such shades are not very easy to capture and I feel like my photos couldn't quite completely capture it. The limits of technology sadden me sometimes. Formula speaking, it was ridiculously easy to apply and only required 2 coats. I'm not wearing any top coat (do I ever anyway?) and it's perfectly glossy on its own. I know all this sounds like a too perfect portrait of a polish but this is real: "Sweetheart" is as great as this. I know this one has been discontinued (it was a limited edition released for Valentine) but you can still find it very easily. Notably on a very famous auction website. Whatever happens, when sun shows up after so many months of cold and greyness, I don't feel like wearing timid pastels. I feel like playing the big game without any transition and "Sweetheart" is a really great polish to celebrate a sun I have so desperately wanted to be back. I feel great.