Peggy Sage - Splendid Grey

Today I am showing you a polish I have worn a little while ago but never posted about. This polish was kindly gifted to me (among so many others!) by the sweet and generous Lily. I can find Peggy Sage in my area easily but they never have the late and ephemeral collections, just a (yet relatively wide) selection of the core line. I found a place where they carry the whole line but they only sell to professional of nail, beauty and hair industry. Bummer! Lily surprised me by sending me the polishes of the last winter collection that were on my wishlist! Thank you again! From all my new Peggy Sage, "Splendid Grey" was the one appealing me the most and the first I decided to wear. I was really attracted by how it looked like in the bottle: a middle toned grey with pink undertones and small silver glitters. I found this shade quite unseen. Unfortunately, the diamond glitters were not as obvious on the nails are they are in the bottle. 
Still visible for sure but in most of the morose lights of my area, Splendid Grey looks like a plain grey creme. I really have to inspect my nails closely to see the glitter but who ever stick their nose on their nails to admire them on a daily basis? I am fine with its looking like a creme because I don't own much grey polishes (not even China Glaze Recycle plain grey doesn't truly attract me) but I wished the glitters were less elusive. Because of its pink undertones, I think this might look better on cool skin tones than warm ones. The consistency was slightly on the thick side, pretty pigmented but it didn't cause me trouble to apply it. I did 2 coats, no top coat and the polish lasted me 3/4 days before chipping. In all, it's a good polish. Peggy Sage makes real quality stuff and I sincerely do recommend the brand if you feel like trying it. None of the ones I have tried have a bad formula and even if they keep it relatively safe, I love their colors.

Glitter Me Stupid

Whoops. I always forget to take pictures of my nailswhen I'm done polishing them, and when I finally think of it, something has chipped. Badly. But with a title like Glitter Me Stupid, I figured it was high time for some more glitter. I apologize that I don't have any photos of all the steps, I'm not quite that savvy yet, I guess. Rather than deal with trying to arrange the pictures on Blogger, which has always fought back, I've uploaded the pictures to Photobucket and I'm going to insert them as a slideshow at the end of the post. After applying my base coat I sponged the tips with Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go, using a cut up makeup sponge, to create a gradient, so that any bald spots in the glitter wouldn't be noticeable. Then I mixed Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz with Maybelline Express Finish base/top coat on a piece of paper and sponged that on over the silver, again trying to create a gradient. Just because it has a similar holographic glitter in it, I added a coat of Claire's nail polish in Hollywood. A coat of clear polish to keep any stray bits of glitter from getting into my top coat, and a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. I considered adding rhinestones, but I decided that would be a bit too much, and I wanted the glitter to get the attention it deserves. The Fantasy Makers Confetti glitter I purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart around Halloween, it says it's by the makers of Wet n' Wild, and I believe it cost me around 5$ for the 0.15 oz jar. It's an amazing holographic silver, blows my mind just looking at it, I'm so glad I bought it. The size of the glitter particles are a little larger than MAC Reflects glitters.

Let's Get Fruity!

Whilst I wait for my sailor to come back from Libya with some perfume for me I couldn't resist buying a new scent to keep me going until he's back in 3 weeks. So whilst I was on my lunch break I popped into boots to go on a smelling mission. I started smelling different aerosols but nothing was taking my fancy. Plus I find you don't get much use out of an aerosol. I then spotted boot's natural collection body sprays. After spraying the Vanilla, Ice musk and Wild strawberry I picked up the Mango and Papaya spray.

Cosmic Radiance

My Jult Favourite is Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears. MIC Radiance "Be the Brightest Star in the Universe". This is one of Britneys best! Her perfumes just get better and better! If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I have only used Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy for a year or so now. I have not smelt anything that has made me want to give them up now cosmic radiance is taking the thrown. "The sensual floral fragrance was inspired by the idea of luminous sensuality. Like something out of this universe.
COSMIC Radiance celebrates the power and beauty of women everywhere". Usually I find that some perfumes are comparable in smell to others but this one cannot be compared. Its in a league of its own. The floral the smell is not over powering but is definitely a scent that will get you noticed! Ladies put this down on your gift list because it's going to be a top seller this year! You heard it here first. You can start hinting to people now its available to buy now. If you're interested in more Britney Spears beauty items head to her website to browse the collection.

Nfu-Oh #62

"Good news everyone!" It's sunny time in my area now and this is the good moment to wear my beloved holo. I have had the tendency to forget about the latest nail polish releases and have prefered to dig among my lovely (and mostly untried) possessions. I don't feel like necessarily wear what was freshly released at the moment. I don't know why. I haven't bought newly released nail polish in quite a little while anyway (China Glaze "Ahoy!" aside) because there is nothing really exciting (beside maybe Illamasqua "Bacterium" that I do not own yet but might if I remember not to forget). You get it, for now I prefer to enjoy what I already possess and have never even tried. Most of my holographic polishes for instance (and the whole OMG collection I own for months and never showed). Spring is holo time. Sometimes in summer, the sun is so strong that all that you do is seeking shadows and run away from it. How could you appreciate a polish that only live for the sun? The spring sun is not of this nature and to me, April and May are really the best time for a holo. I am an admitted holover. All over holo.

I've digged among my polish and have unburried my Nfu-Of #62. And I unburried everything: the bottle, the color, the boobs, the good and also the bad sides... In the bottle it appears to be a frozen pinked beige. A neutral shade that is very much more flattering than silver holo on girls who tend to get red hands due to cold or exercise (yay for body moving but why do my hands get red?). Pure silver enhance the red of skin but such a delicate pinky beige smooth things out. In fact, it's very close to a warm silver (if that makes sense). The holo effect is quite intense in the sun and ridiculously fascinating and distracting. In full sun, the polish tend to appear more pink-lilac toned which surprised me. Indoors and in low light, it keeps a slight rainbow effect on a beige base. Outside in shadow however, it becomes a completely dull frozen pale beige. As mesmerizing as it can be in the sun, #62 has its dull moments. Yes it does. Not that I mind but if someone ever tells you Nfu-Ohlo never have a dull moment, it's not true.

The application was frantic and unpleasant. I've never felt in such a rush to apply. That's what happens when your polish dry quicker than speedlight. The polish is very thick and dries even before I get on the tip of my nails (which aren't even that long). The good side is that I had not a chance to get a smudge but I was in such a hurry trying to sort things out hoping for the best with this fast drying thick polish that I ended getting the inevitable: brush strokes. Yet I'm not bad at applying polish. But I'm not superhero Flash either (sorry to disappoint). I was genuinely wincing during application. Happily, the holo effect minimized my poor application but brush strokes were still visible when I was in shadow. Otherwise it required 2 coats that I did over the Nfu Oh Aqua base which - happily - improved the application considerably (the aqua base helps to make a more even out application of holographic polishes). One more bad thing, the power staying is dramatically poor. Holo are known for chipping fast. But in general, polishes are behaving well on my nails and even the holos of my beloved China Glaze.

OMG collection can last 2 or 3 days before chipping. But this one lasted only 6 hours. Chipping remained discreet looking due to the color close to natural nails but still. 6 hours. It's all my fault you know: I'm using my hands to live, touch, manipulate object and then I wash them. In general, I am somewhat let's say... philosophical: when a really cheap product behave like a flake, I think "you have what you paid for, Nat". But does this apply to this one? Not really. At 13€ at a pop, Nfu-Oh holo polishes are not cheap. The staying power problem cannot be resolved with a top coat as it significantly dull out the holo effect (I tried and it's true). So what to do? A great looking polish, no doubt about that and I love it. But I am at an end concerning its staying power and I am not sure when exactly I could wear a polish that I can't even trust a whole day. So where to wear it? At my own funerals? Mmh why not... I've always been a lot into black humour. This can be found at Fatal Beauty for French/Benelux girls (and shipping is free) or Fabulous Street for US and International ladies.

Milani - Sweetheart

There might be as many atoms in the universe as available shades of pink polish, I never quite seem to find "the ones". But it is all my fault, you know. I have high ideals concerning some colors (there are this way in my head and must not be otherwise on my nails) and fuchsia (or 'fuschia' whatever you spell it!) is one of them. I don't like my fuchsia to be too orange, too red, too purple, too light, too tamed, etc. I just want a maximum and furious pink. Something that slam everyone's face without I ever have to reach an hand and touch anyone. Violent and pure. Is it too much asking? I bought Milani "Sweetheart" completely by chance (and curiousity), not even hoping it'd fit what I'm generally looking for and it is curiously very close to my ideal hot pink. It's a bright rapsberry creme, it's hot, it's feminine.

It's fierce and it's girly. It's Love. Unfortunately, such shades are not very easy to capture and I feel like my photos couldn't quite completely capture it. The limits of technology sadden me sometimes. Formula speaking, it was ridiculously easy to apply and only required 2 coats. I'm not wearing any top coat (do I ever anyway?) and it's perfectly glossy on its own. I know all this sounds like a too perfect portrait of a polish but this is real: "Sweetheart" is as great as this. I know this one has been discontinued (it was a limited edition released for Valentine) but you can still find it very easily. Notably on a very famous auction website. Whatever happens, when sun shows up after so many months of cold and greyness, I don't feel like wearing timid pastels. I feel like playing the big game without any transition and "Sweetheart" is a really great polish to celebrate a sun I have so desperately wanted to be back. I feel great.

Obesity Continues to Grow as a National Epidemic

Some facts: Since 1980, obesity among adults has doubled. Among adolescents the number has tripled. Less than one-third of Americans meet the standards (set by the federal government) for exercising at least 30 minutes per day for five days per week. Even being 10 or 20 pounds overweight, increases the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and even premature death. Skipping one 12-ounce soft drink or briskly walking 30 minutes most of the days of the week can, in a year's time, help an individual lose 10 pounds. Obesity is more than an aesthetic problem or an issue of a few extra pounds here or there. Obesity is an American epidemic that shows no signs of fading away; in fact, the situation continues to worsen. Soon, obesity will pass tobacco as the leading cause of preventable deaths in this country. Obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) level of greater than 30. (For more information on BMI and how to calculate yours, refer to the U.S. Surgeon General's web site). Incredibly, an estimated 300,000 U.S. deaths each year are associated in some way with obesity and overweight. Cost-wise, the price is steep as well: the total direct and indirect costs attributed to overweight and obesity were $117 billion last year (2000). There is no shortage of good reasons that overweight and obesity are referred to in medical circles as epidemics. In all reality, if these serious health issues are not addressed as such,

they "could wipe out some of the gains we've made in areas such as heart disease, several forms of cancer, and other chronic health problems", said Surgeon General Satcher. Going forward, there are a number of initiatives and calls to action that the government, the medical establishment and scores of fitness, wellness and good-health proponents are suggesting and promoting. One is the changing of the perception that obesity is about body image and personal appearance. Obesity is about health, and can be, in its most serious form, a matter of life and death. It's much more than looking good in a bathing suit or in your favorite pair of jeans. Another widespread notion that needs to be revised is the idea that losing weight, getting in shape and changing habits is an "all or nothing proposition". There are also a number of movements that aim to nip the epidemic in the bud at the early childhood and adolescent levels. It's well known that obese children grow up to be obese adults (about 70% of them). It is never too early to encourage physical activity and good eating habits to the younger generation. Playing outside on the playground is preferable to sitting on the couch in front of the TV any day. The message out there is clear: Any effort is better than none at all, and it is not difficult to see results from even a minor positive change in routine or habit. Weight loss can result in lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, better cholesterol levels and lessened joint and back pain. And as the Surgeon General himself put it, "Every pound counts".