One Lovely Blog Award

Hello ladies. I've been receiving this tag/award quite a lot lately, so I figured it's time I make a post about it. But first, I'd like to thank the lovely ladies who tagged me for it. So basically, all I have to do is tell you 7 random things about me. So here it goes: I'm wearing a Santa hat right now. I bought it today, together with some small presents I chose for some friends, and I plan to wear it when I will give them the gifts; Talking about Christmas, probably half of the money I will get will go on presents. This year, I wanna be Santa and make everybody happy. And this Santa right here has a looong list; All I want for Christmas this year is a lovely evening with my friends. Really, I've been thinking about what gifts could I be dreaming of, and I couldn't think of anything. Well a hair straightener, but that doesn't count 'cause somebody promised to get it for me; I'm way too obsessed with perfection. If I create something and it is not perfect, it will stay hidden till the ends of time... This might be a problem considering that I believe that perfection does not exist; Each and every time I start the music player on my phone I chose the exact same song to play first and then I just select the shuffle option; I had a... test-like interview. Yesterday. For my dream job. So fingers crossed maybe? Please, pretty please! So, that's about all for today. Any randomness you'd like to share?